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Is it really worth having a Facebook profile?


There’s been a huge amount of debate around recent changes that Facebook has made and the impact that these changes have on brands (one of our clients, eModeration has blogged about the implications of community pages on brands, for example). Another factor worth considering is how Facebook effects the employer/employee relationship, namely the risks involved […]

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The Tory Communications Meltdown – what can we learn from it?

Finally, after five days of backstage wrangling, Britain has a new Government. Rather than the Conservative victory that was predicted before the leadership debates, Britain has what is being described as a “progressive coalition” of Conservatives and Liberals and Gordon Brown has had to start looking for a new job. Tory commentators and supporters have […]

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Blogging: quantity, quality and if it’s really worth your time

We all know the old saying “think before you speak”, but in the days of instant online communication we should also think before we hit send (just look at the recent example of one Labour candidates tweet on postal votes). This brings me to blogging. Recent research published by Burson-Marsteller showed that one-third of Fortune […]

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