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January 2012: The month in #FAIL

BonersBBQ Facebook post

Social media is a wonderful tool. Brands that understand social media are great at connecting with and engaging fans, and developing strong online communities that the brand can nurture and learn from. Sometimes, however, brands – and people – get it wrong. They misjudge a situation and forget that in the world of social media, […]

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Brands: engage your Facebook fans in five simple ways

Starbucks UK Frappuccino app

It’s all very well having a Facebook page bulging at the seams with “Likes”, but what does the brand do to keep those people coming back for more? Keeping informed about special offers may drive many to “Like” the brand, but it doesn’t mean that they will engage with the brand, or even visit the […]

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PR for start ups: why reputation management matters for start-up businesses

We work a lot with fast-growth, often investor-backed businesses. So every few weeks we’ll be posting a blog on ‘PR for start ups’ that we hope will be useful to businesses looking to use PR to support their growth.We’re starting with the big one: why reputation matters to start-up businesses.     “Our product is […]

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