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Anatomy of a crisis: LA Clippers


It’s easy enough for a business to ditch a troublesome employee for tarnishing the company name, but what do you do when it’s the owner who’s caused the problem? What happened? In April, Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, was recorded telling his mistress not to bring black guests to Clippers games (after she posted […]

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Eat, drink and prepare for a social media crisis

The food and drinks industry has a particularly tough job. A mistake made in food preparation or manufacturing can threaten public health. Twenty years ago, if a customer found a foreign object in their loaf of bread they’d complain to the store (and possibly tell the local paper). These days you can bet that the […]

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Rehearsing and managing a social media crisis

Rehearsing and managing a social media crisis - a white paper from Carrot Communications and eModeration

We’ve teamed up with eModeration, the co-creators of our social media simulator, to write a paper on how to rehearse and manage a social media crisis.   In it, we examine: The science of rehearsing – how our brains respond to social threats, and how six factors come into play that affect how the crisis […]

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Rehearsing a social media crisis: talking direct to consumers


We were in New York at the end of last month, running a series of social media crisis simulations and workshops for brands and agencies. Last year, Carrot and eModeration teamed up to combine our experience in PR, social media and crisis management to create a social media simulator. We did this because we both […]

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Five ways to alienate your customers

The horsemeat scandal isn’t really about food safety, it’s about trust. How can people trust the food that they’re eating? How can the brands involved reassure consumers that they’re taking the issue seriously and doing everything in their power to ensure the safety and quality of their food? Tesco and Waitrose have both promised changes […]

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The Tale of the #HMVXFactorFiring

Author: Gemma Storey

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More on last week’s crisis simulation

crisis event 038

There’s a great Storify by Tia Fisher of eModeration ( that takes you through the social media crisis simulation we ran last week, which I’ve embedded below. [View the story “Social media crisis simulation workshop ” on Storify]

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Managing a social media crisis

social media crisis

We teamed up with eModeration, Kemp Little and Insignia Communications this week to host a social media crisis event at the Cabinet War Rooms. Around 50 people (mostly from brands, but there were one or two agency representatives as well) took part in a simulated social media crisis, using the software that Carrot and eModeration […]

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