We’ve launched and promoted all sorts of products and services, from fashion brands to biofuels. We’re proud of all our clients and the work we do for them, and some of our success highlights are:

  • the UK launch of Overture (then a little-known consumer search engine called GoTo – which was sold to Yahoo! for $1.63 billion)
  • the launch of consumer tech brand, iTech (a division of Hutchison)
  • the UK launch of Omniture, the business optimisation company that was bought by Adobe
  • international campaigns to support the Olympic sponsorship for Atos Origin
  • the launch, through to trade sale, of email security company, BlackSpider

We’re currently working with a number of ambitious and successful companies in growth phases, including:

Efficient Frontier

Efficient Frontier

A global performance marketing company


A social media management agency


A data communications company


Foresite SPA

Foresite SPA

A growth management and commercial intelligence company

The Awareness Centre


The Awareness Centre

A clinical and complementary therapy centre in London SW4.

Translate Media


A global translation agency



A social media specialist agency