Promoting CommunitiesPromoting Communities

Branded online communities can be an integral part of a communications campaign, whether it’s a social network page (such as Facebook or LinkedIn), or a branded, owned community (such as an e-commerce website, Twitter community, virtual world, customer service community, branded forum or review site, company blog, or subscriber community).

Carrot Communications’ community promotion service helps drive the right visitors to your community. We do this by using:

  • fresh and engaging content that people want to share with their friends (driving ‘word of mouth’ marketing)
  • creative communications, online and offline
  • promotional activity such as exclusive content and editorial calendars, promotions and competitions (within and outside the community)
  • online PR and SEO
  • events

Strong community management is, of course, an essential part of any online environment. We recommend that you use a specialist (such as social media management agency, Emoderation) to deliver community management and moderation services to support your community, and to build and protect your brand’s reputation online.

Our community promotion service includes:

Testing communities before full launch

  • Work with specialist groups (such as bloggers under NDA) and consultants to research and test the viability of a community before full launch
  • Work with (and reward) a team of early adopters to help build the community (for example, existing brand advocates or star reviewers)
  • This helps us develop content and promotion strategies that will help the community succeed in its objectives

Creating content for communities

  • Strategy for community content
  • Creating editorial calendar of content to engage users, such as
    • Promotional content ideas
    • Competitions
    • Promotions
    • Themed content feeds
    • Blog strategy, content timetable and copy in the company voice
    • Twitter strategy and content ideas
    • Website copy and updated content
  • Specialist copywriting team to deliver content (including video scripting)

Ideas factory

  • Regular creation of ideas for community content and promotion, that can be executed by the Carrot Communications team or brand team, working with community managers

Promoting communities

  • Promoting word-of-mouth recommendation
    • Creative campaigns and themes to get people talking
    • Seeding strategies and campaigns
    • Blogger and media outreach programmes
    • Social communications and online PR
    • Building relationships with relevant third party communities
    • Influencer and advocacy programmes
    • SEO integration and supporting activity
    • Twitter strategy and support

Social events: community spin-offs

  • Create live events and other spin off ideas to support the community (taking the virtual community into the real world)
  • Social media element to events: Twitter feeds  and live blogging from event in company ‘voice’ (Emoderation)

Community management

  • We recommend all community management and moderation services are provided via specialist social media management agency, Emoderation