Social Media Crisis Management

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Social Media Crisis Management

When a crisis hits a brand – whether that’s a rogue tweet by an employee or something more serious – the chances are it will play out, in part, over social media. Consumers are as likely to turn to Facebook, Twitter and forums to find information as they are to a brand’s website. And more than one major brand has experienced a full social media attack by pressure groups or angry consumers.

Carrot Communications has partnered with community management and moderation specialist, Emoderation, to create a crisis management and communications package which helps brands understand how they can manage a social media crisis, including how to take steps (where possible) to preventing a crisis from developing in the first place, and how to use social media effectively during a crisis.

The service includes:

1. Crisis workshop

We run half-day social media crisis workshops for brands and agencies, which includes actionable information on how to manage your online communities through a crisis, role plays, and in-depth analysis of how brands have managed a crisis and the impact it had on business.

2. Crisis process audit

The first stage of crisis planning is to understand just how prepared you are for a possible crisis.  We do this by running a structured but practical audit of the materials, systems and processes that are in place currently, including social media communications and management practices; and identifying where there are gaps, or improvements to be made.

3. Crisis preparation package

For brands that are serious about being prepared for a crisis, particularly in a social media landscape when crises unfold in real-time, developing a comprehensive crisis management plan is crucial.  This module covers every aspect of the planning process from issues identification through identifying a crisis team to an immersion day.

4. Crisis simulation

This is a full immersive role-play simulation which is designed to provide the crisis management team with ‘real life’ experience of managing a social media crisis using all available channels and previously prepare policies and procedures.

To find out more about what the package has to offer, take a look at crisis planning and management for social media which will take you through the separate modules that make up the crisis planning and management package and give you an idea of what to expect from this hands-on and highly practical process. The modules can be commissioned individually or as a complete package.

To discuss any aspect of the crisis planning and management modules please contact us.