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What can brands learn from the #nomakeupselfie campaign?

bad Facebook post

You may have noticed the sudden glut of people posting glowing, natural beauty type selfies to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Okay, so you will have noticed this because it has been such a success that it’s now all over the news. The #nomakeupselfie campaign is one of those rare beasts that started with […]

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What makes a great speaker?


I don’t usually go to conferences. I’m the introverted writer who prefers to squirrel herself away with a laptop in a room full of books, rather than, you know, sit in a room with hundreds of strangers. So 2013 has been my introduction to the world of conferences and events. This year, I’ve been to […]

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Do brands belong in Twitter Q&As?

We’re always advising brands that they need to be open, honest and down to earth on social media. That there needs to be a real person behind the account responding to people as individuals and creating a connection with followers. Question and answer sessions give followers the chance to get their voices heard by someone […]

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Building online communities


While a significant proportion of you were tucked up in bed, I braved Sunday morning buses and tubes to attend the Guardian Masterclass on building online communities. It was a great day, packed with engaging and expert speakers. Joanna Geary’s talk focused on the how businesses could harness the power of online communities. Being human […]

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Brands: creating a connection


Manhattan. “You’ll fall in love with it the moment you step off the plane.” They said. Well, no. Let’s not kid ourselves here, a seven hour flight across the Atlantic, followed by a two hour queue to get shouted at by a mean person, does not a happy traveller make. Combine that with the jet […]

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Active vs Passive voice

As I posted this over on my blog earlier today, I realised that although written from a creative writing perspective, voice is something that copywriters also have to wrestle with. Advertising copywriters are use to writing punchy, direct prose, but give someone a 1000 limit and they can easily slip into a lazier writing style. […]

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Four Valentine’s campaigns that warmed our hearts


Love it or loathe it, you certainly can’t get away from Valentine’s Day. Brands have come up with some cracking ways to celebrate the ‘special’ day and drive brand awareness. Here are four examples of campaigns that have caught my attention. Feel free to highlight your favourites (or highlight some stinkers…) in the comments. IKEA […]

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Six of the best social brand responses of 2012: part 2

Oreo v AMC Pic

In our last post, we looked at how Sainsbury’s, Smart Car and O2 handled social media criticism by stepping out of the corporate drone mentality and showing the world that there are actual living, breathing humans at the other end of the computer. It’s one thing to poke fun at, or in some cases pour […]

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