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Four Valentine’s campaigns that warmed our hearts


Love it or loathe it, you certainly can’t get away from Valentine’s Day. Brands have come up with some cracking ways to celebrate the ‘special’ day and drive brand awareness. Here are four examples of campaigns that have caught my attention. Feel free to highlight your favourites (or highlight some stinkers…) in the comments. IKEA […]

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December’s social media highlights (and lowlights)

Hitman Absolution

Maybe you have a fantastic creative idea for a campaign, something that reflects your brand ethos, something that will really get fans involved. Great! But first, it’s best to check a few things, such as: is there a danger of the campaign offending too many people, and is the brand under attack from special interest […]

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November in brand #fail: from major PR crises to thoughtless tweeting

Starbucks Tax

This month, we look at coffee, planes, shopping and…bum parties?! Would you like corporation tax with that? Starbucks found itself  in hot water this November (along with Amazon and Google), after the companies were invited to be grilled by the Public Accounts Committee about their corporation tax payments (or lack thereof). Now, many arguments have […]

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October in brand #fail: the inspired versus the insipid

Bodyform FB

October saw two great examples of what brands should, and should not do when responding to fans on social media. Show some personality or resort to corporate drone mode? Let’s see which tactic has been the most successful. Bodyform: #winning I can’t be the only one who, at some point, has wanted to chuck a […]

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July in reputation #fail: Thou shalt not insult thy customer


July was a monumental month of failure, with brands tripping over themselves to dis-please. Over in the UK we had the pleasure of Barclays, and its Facebook campaign featuring hapless Dan clashing mightily with its rate adjustment scandal. Then there’s fashion site Celeb Boutique not checking hashtags before tweeting, and therefore thinking that when #Aurora […]

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June: month of the FrooFroo

Fake Shell

Clearly, I’ve missed out on some big language revolution here. Do grown women really use words like FrooFroo, noonoo and lala when talking about their genitalia? Femfresh seems to think so. Now, personally, I don’t find the brand’s choice of language offensive, I just think it’s a bit stupid. I did, however, find some of […]

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Anatomy of a crisis: Yahoo!

Yahoo ex-board member

Brands can never be completely sure of avoiding crisis situations. There are too many variables. Human error, fallibility, corruption, ambition and rivalries can cause considerable damage to a brand’s reputation and sometimes no amount of procedure can prevent this from happening. But the brand can control its response to the evolving situation. It can make […]

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How social is your brand?


Switch on the TV or open the paper and you’re likely to be met with an advert demanding that you ‘like’ a brand on Facebook, but why should anyone want to do that? Okay, so you might need to weather-proof your garden fence, but are you really going to bother becoming a fan a major […]

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