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Anatomy of a crisis: LA Clippers


It’s easy enough for a business to ditch a troublesome employee for tarnishing the company name, but what do you do when it’s the owner who’s caused the problem? What happened? In April, Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, was recorded telling his mistress not to bring black guests to Clippers games (after she posted […]

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July in reputation #fail: Thou shalt not insult thy customer


July was a monumental month of failure, with brands tripping over themselves to dis-please. Over in the UK we had the pleasure of Barclays, and its Facebook campaign featuring hapless Dan clashing mightily with its rate adjustment scandal. Then there’s fashion site Celeb Boutique not checking hashtags before tweeting, and therefore thinking that when #Aurora […]

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Brands: engage your Facebook fans in five simple ways

Starbucks UK Frappuccino app

It’s all very well having a Facebook page bulging at the seams with “Likes”, but what does the brand do to keep those people coming back for more? Keeping informed about special offers may drive many to “Like” the brand, but it doesn’t mean that they will engage with the brand, or even visit the […]

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The social media cultural revolution

The social media cultural revolution - wicked

Time was, when a theatre production was critically panned we could expect to see it swiftly booted out of the West End faster than you could say “follow the yellow brick road”, but these days it’s not that simple. Take Wicked for example. While scorn wasn’t heaped upon it when it opened in 2006, reviews […]

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