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Trust and PR: is PR dead?


I’ve just finished reading Trust me, PR is Dead. As someone who’s only ever worked in a small PR agency, and one which operates and thinks along the same lines as the author does, the arguments made in the book just seem like common sense to me. Why would anyone not want to run an […]

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PR: it takes all sorts

early office view

Having just read Rebecca Reid’s experience of working for an unnamed public relations firm, I feel the need to give her points some consideration. First, it kind of goes without saying that the Telegraph article describes her experience, and that just because other people’s experiences may be different, it doesn’t invalidate her own. (Second, I […]

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One thing women in PR can’t live without


  You see that picture, the pink one? That dear reader, is how I see the world, for I am a girl. Being a girl, I of course grew up playing with Barbie, changing the nappies of plastic babies, and serving plastic food to my male relatives from a toy kitchen island of girliness. That […]

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PR for SMEs and start-ups: what to expect from a PR campaign

  “I want to build my reputation, but I’ve been stung by PR agencies in the past.” Sound familiar? Sadly, I hear it a lot, particularly from SMEs and owner-managed businesses. I’m not in the business of PR-bashing – there are enough people out there doing that – and often when you probe a bit, the problem isn’t bad […]

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Six of the best social brand responses of 2012: part 2

Oreo v AMC Pic

In our last post, we looked at how Sainsbury’s, Smart Car and O2 handled social media criticism by stepping out of the corporate drone mentality and showing the world that there are actual living, breathing humans at the other end of the computer. It’s one thing to poke fun at, or in some cases pour […]

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Six of the best social brand responses of 2012: part 1

SmartCar Infographic

It can be tricky for brands to strike the right balance with social media. On the one hand, brands need to encourage a certain standard of behaviour within their online community, yet the whole purpose of social media is to create a spontaneous dialogue. Brands can try to be selective, and only respond to positive […]

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Why PR needs to get to grips with Google+

Google+ and PR

I went along to a Periscopix (a client) and Google event this week, to learn more about the converging world of search and social. I came away really fired up about the possibilities of Google+, and convinced about its importance to communicators. The whole event was (of course) streamed on Google+, and a recording available […]

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PR and creativity

PR campaigns

There’s been a lot of chat about whether PR needs to get more creative, after another ‘disappointing’ year at Cannes. Is PR as creative as advertising? I think it depends on your definition of creative, and whether your focus is to change, manage or build a reputation, or to win an award. Creative ideas aren’t […]

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