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I have a…. vision statement


I’ve just watched a great video with Kevin Roberts, Saatchi & Saatchi’s CEO, where he is talking about leadership, culture, following your dreams and work/life integration (note: not balance). The most interesting thing I think, and one that has started me thinking differently, is his response to the question of how to share vision and […]

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How social is your brand?


Switch on the TV or open the paper and you’re likely to be met with an advert demanding that you ‘like’ a brand on Facebook, but why should anyone want to do that? Okay, so you might need to weather-proof your garden fence, but are you really going to bother becoming a fan a major […]

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The Tory Communications Meltdown – what can we learn from it?

Finally, after five days of backstage wrangling, Britain has a new Government. Rather than the Conservative victory that was predicted before the leadership debates, Britain has what is being described as a “progressive coalition” of Conservatives and Liberals and Gordon Brown has had to start looking for a new job. Tory commentators and supporters have […]

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