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I run Carrot Communications, a PR and social communications agency that works with fast-growth companies; and runs social media simulations for big brands. My interest is in all areas of digital content and communications; and particularly in how to create conversations between brands and their customers, online.

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The reputation of business matters to everyone


Research from Populus and (presented at the recent Trust and Reputation conference in London) shows that 64% of people in the UK think that big business will rip people off, if given the opportunity. Perhaps because of that, 71% of people think that big business should be more closely regulated by government. 68% of […]

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Actions, not words, build reputation


At the Trust and Reputation conference in London on Thursday, the focus was very much on action-led communication. To establish a reputation, you have to do stuff, not just talk about it. In her opening remarks, conference chair (and chairman of Populus) Rita Clifton called reputation “reality with a time lag”. Communication is important, but […]

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PR for start-ups: “Everything is marketing”

PR for SMEs

I’ve just finished the book ‘Rework’ by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, who started 37signals in 1999. It’s a great book – full of really good advice for people starting out or running their own businesses, and much more readable than many business books. There’s a lot in the book to shout about, but […]

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PR for start-ups: getting ready to promote your business

Some of the smartest start-up businesses or SMEs we’ve worked with have understood the value that good PR can bring at an early stage of their business. But often they don’t know where to start. Here’s my list of 10 tips for PR for start-ups, and what you can do to get the best value […]

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I have a…. vision statement


I’ve just watched a great video with Kevin Roberts, Saatchi & Saatchi’s CEO, where he is talking about leadership, culture, following your dreams and work/life integration (note: not balance). The most interesting thing I think, and one that has started me thinking differently, is his response to the question of how to share vision and […]

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Rehearsing and managing a social media crisis

Rehearsing and managing a social media crisis - a white paper from Carrot Communications and eModeration

We’ve teamed up with eModeration, the co-creators of our social media simulator, to write a paper on how to rehearse and manage a social media crisis.   In it, we examine: The science of rehearsing – how our brains respond to social threats, and how six factors come into play that affect how the crisis […]

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Rehearsing a social media crisis: talking direct to consumers


We were in New York at the end of last month, running a series of social media crisis simulations and workshops for brands and agencies. Last year, Carrot and eModeration teamed up to combine our experience in PR, social media and crisis management to create a social media simulator. We did this because we both […]

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PR for SMEs and start-ups: what to expect from a PR campaign

  “I want to build my reputation, but I’ve been stung by PR agencies in the past.” Sound familiar? Sadly, I hear it a lot, particularly from SMEs and owner-managed businesses. I’m not in the business of PR-bashing – there are enough people out there doing that – and often when you probe a bit, the problem isn’t bad […]

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