The pros and cons of Google+

I’ve been on Google+ for a short time now and I have to say I’ve found it hard to fit in working out why I need it more than (or as well as) Twitter / Facebook, at the moment. But I can see that it has some great advantages over Facebook: the ability to group friends much more easily (so you don’t share drunken photos with a great aunt or an employer), yet be able to follow people who aren’t your friends (a la Twitter).  Even though more people are joining it feels more like a work thing to me – I’m reminded of it when I log on to my PC (my home page is iGoogle), but in ‘home time’, if there is such as thing any more, I tend to go to Facebook, which is what the majority of my friends and family use.

If you’re interested in the good and bad of Google+, there’s a great post by Ryan Bauer, here.

(There’s also a rather less thoughtful but very funny video of Google+ vs Facebook, below.)


And the flip side – why you DO want to use Google +, here:


Would be interested in other people’s views and this is probably something we’ll discuss more as Google+ comes out of beta.

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