How brands can manage a crisis in a social world

Brands will never be able to stop crises from happening. From an employee making a simple mistake and Tweeting from the wrong account to the discovery of a major flaw in a product prompting an urgent recall, problems will happen.

But we’re all connected now. If Joe in New York has to take his toddler to hospital because of a  faulty toy, Pete in London can hear about it and pass it on before the brand knows that there’s a problem. Suddenly there are Facebook groups, YouTube videos and hashtags set up attacking the company and the brand risks making the situation even worse if they get the response wrong and don’t take appropriate action, fast.

To help brands get it right, Carrot and eModeration have joined forces to offer a comprehensive social media crisis management and communications package to help brands manage their social communities through a crisis. The new package contains three main elements.

Module one is a social media crisis processes audit. This includes an initial assessment of the brand’s materials, systems and processes currently in place to manage social media communities through a crisis. We’ll look at everything including social media communications and management practices, to identify where exactly where the gaps are and what improvements can be made.

Module two is our crisis preparation package. The rapid development of a reputation crisis over social media makes it essential for brands that are serious about being prepared for a crisis to develop a comprehensive crisis management plan. Carrot and eModeration cover every process from issues identification through identifying a crisis team to an immersion day.

Finally, module three is a full social media crisis simulation. This is a fully immersive role-play simulation, designed to provide the crisis management team with the ‘real life’ experience of managing a social media crisis using all available channels and previously prepared policies and procedures.

If you’d like to find out more about what each module has to offer please take a look at crisis planning and management for social media which will give you an idea of what to expect from this hands-on and highly practical process. Or you can get in touch with Kate for a chat about how we can help your brand.

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