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It takes many different factors to create, shape and promote a brand identity which will resonate with businesses and consumers. Brand name and reputation is becoming increasingly important when it comes to consumer purchasing decisions. GroupM and comScore have just released a study which shows that not only do 30 per cent of consumers use social media to rule out buying from certain brands, but that 86 per cent see search engines as important in buying decisions. Social media reputation matters, good SEO and performance marketing matters.

When I picked up a copy of the Guardian this past Saturday, it included the Superbrands 2011 report which, unsurprisingly, contained a list of Superbrands, specifically the top 500 B2B and B2C brands for 2011. This research is the latest examination of brand power and bases its rankings on opinions of British consumers, marketing experts and business professionals.

It listed the five strongest B2B brands as Rolls-Royce Group, Blackberry, Microsoft, Google and Apple; and the five strongest B2C brands as Mercedes-Benz, Rolex, BBC, Coca-Cola and Google.

This follows on from Interbrand’s recent report detailing the best 100 global brands of 2010 using brand strength, the financial performance of branded products or service and the role of the brand in purchasing decisions to asses brand power. Their top five were: Coco-Cola, IBM, Microsoft, Google and GE.

Finally, we have Yomego’s top 50 brands in social media league table launched in February (disclosure: Yomego is a Carrot client). Yomego looked at two factors: reach (how many people are talking about the brand); and satisfaction (whether what those people are saying is positive or negative). A ‘recency’ score is then applied, and human analysis done to make sure the score is accurate. That all goes into creating an overall social media reputation (or SMR) score. The top five places going to: eBay; Apple; Google; Blackberry and Amazon.

Google rank well in each league table, for obvious reasons. Apple and Blackberry are both are doing really well in the Superbrand B2B and Yomego social media reputation league tables. Coca-Cola features highly in both the Superbrand B2C and Interbrand top 100 global tables and Microsoft was number three in the Superbrand B2B table and in the Interbrands top 100 global brands.

We’ll be taking a regular look at what some of the biggest brands are doing in social communications and see what lessons smaller, fast-growth companies can learn from them, so they can aim their sights high to compete for customers through word of mouth. Do you have any examples of great social communications campaigns which have helped brands punch above their weight? We’d love to hear about them.

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