Rehearsing and managing a social media crisis

We’ve teamed up with eModeration, the co-creators of our social media simulator, to write a paper on how to rehearse and manage a social media crisis.

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In it, we examine:

  • The science of rehearsing – how our brains respond to social threats, and how six factors come into play that affect how the crisis will develop, how your team will respond and how effective they’ll be
  • How to prepare for a crisis – the steps you can take include building your team, integrating social media to your operational plans, and using tools to help you avoid the crisis in the first place
  • Planning your response – how to know what really is a crisis and what’s just a pain in the neck to deal with. If you categorise a crisis, you’ll take the appropriate action
  • Communicating through the crisis – reputation management (remembering that the reputation you had before the crisis hit is the one you’re stuck with through it); controlling the message (you can’t); and controlling your response (you can)
  • Setting things like tone of voice and moderation rules
  • When to respond to a social media crisis, and when to walk away.

We’ve also included a practical checklist for preparing for a crisis, and communicating through one.

You can download the paper here: eModeration-Carrot Rehearsing and managing a social media crisis – July 2013.

As ever, if you’re interested in knowing more about how a social media crisis simulation can help prepare your brand for a crisis, please do get in touch.

I hope you find it interesting.



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Rehearsing a social media crisis: talking direct to consumers
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