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What makes a great speaker?


I don’t usually go to conferences. I’m the introverted writer who prefers to squirrel herself away with a laptop in a room full of books, rather than, you know, sit in a room with hundreds of strangers. So 2013 has been my introduction to the world of conferences and events. This year, I’ve been to […]

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Do brands belong in Twitter Q&As?

We’re always advising brands that they need to be open, honest and down to earth on social media. That there needs to be a real person behind the account responding to people as individuals and creating a connection with followers. Question and answer sessions give followers the chance to get their voices heard by someone […]

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Is there a place for social shaming of brands?

Social shaming is becoming a bit of a problem for brands. They struggle with the question: how can you stop people from expressing themselves on social media? The answer: you can’t. Clear communication, excellent levels of customer service and a cohort of loyal brand advocates are really the only defence for brands. What is social […]

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Five ways to alienate your customers

The horsemeat scandal isn’t really about food safety, it’s about trust. How can people trust the food that they’re eating? How can the brands involved reassure consumers that they’re taking the issue seriously and doing everything in their power to ensure the safety and quality of their food? Tesco and Waitrose have both promised changes […]

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The Tale of the #HMVXFactorFiring

Author: Gemma Storey

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SodaStream takes the fight to social

SodaStream print ad

It costs an impressive $4 million to buy a 30 second Super Bowl ad spot. It’s understandable that brands want to make the most of their investment. The ad has to be memorable, to tap into the zeitgeist, or just be funny. It needs to be talked about in the office, at home and online. […]

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December’s social media highlights (and lowlights)

Maybe you have a fantastic creative idea for a campaign, something that reflects your brand ethos, something that will really get fans involved. Great! But first, it’s best to check a few things, such as: is there a danger of the campaign offending too many people, and is the brand under attack from special interest […]

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November in brand #fail: from major PR crises to thoughtless tweeting

This month, we look at coffee, planes, shopping and…bum parties?! Would you like corporation tax with that? Starbucks found itself  in hot water this November (along with Amazon and Google), after the companies were invited to be grilled by the Public Accounts Committee about their corporation tax payments (or lack thereof). Now, many arguments have […]

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