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What can brands do when they make embarrassing mistakes?

Response tweet

Google has been in the spotlight for the last few days for an appalling mistake made by its facial recognition software. Now, when you upload images to Google Photos, Googles AI tags them with what it deems the most appropriate word. This caused an issue earlier in the year when it was reported that Google […]

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Broken promises: what happens when brands let fans down?


Batman: Arkham Knight is one of the most anticipated games of the year, yet its release has been met with a tide of social media scorn as many PC players find significant issues with performance. It turns out that the developer, Rocksteady, worked with an external development partner for the PC port of the title, […]

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October in brand #fail: the inspired versus the insipid

Bodyform FB

October saw two great examples of what brands should, and should not do when responding to fans on social media. Show some personality or resort to corporate drone mode? Let’s see which tactic has been the most successful. Bodyform: #winning I can’t be the only one who, at some point, has wanted to chuck a […]

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Lessons from Rehearsing a Social Media Crisis

When Social Media Bites Back

Carrot Communications works with our client social media management agency, eModeration, to provide a comprehensive social media crisis rehearsal. We use our own closed environment to simulate an unfolding crisis, enabling brands to get to grips with what they would do in a crisis, without having to experience the real thing first. Tia Fisher, Marketing […]

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January 2012: The month in #FAIL

BonersBBQ Facebook post

Social media is a wonderful tool. Brands that understand social media are great at connecting with and engaging fans, and developing strong online communities that the brand can nurture and learn from. Sometimes, however, brands – and people – get it wrong. They misjudge a situation and forget that in the world of social media, […]

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