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Eat, drink and prepare for a social media crisis

The food and drinks industry has a particularly tough job. A mistake made in food preparation or manufacturing can threaten public health. Twenty years ago, if a customer found a foreign object in their loaf of bread they’d complain to the store (and possibly tell the local paper). These days you can bet that the […]

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November in brand #fail: from major PR crises to thoughtless tweeting

Starbucks Tax

This month, we look at coffee, planes, shopping and…bum parties?! Would you like corporation tax with that? Starbucks found itself  in hot water this November (along with Amazon and Google), after the companies were invited to be grilled by the Public Accounts Committee about their corporation tax payments (or lack thereof). Now, many arguments have […]

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October in brand #fail: the inspired versus the insipid

Bodyform FB

October saw two great examples of what brands should, and should not do when responding to fans on social media. Show some personality or resort to corporate drone mode? Let’s see which tactic has been the most successful. Bodyform: #winning I can’t be the only one who, at some point, has wanted to chuck a […]

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September in social #fail: the good, the bad and the ugly

Image from BetaBeat

An Unexpected Journey Ah, Apple. How I love your shiny, money-burning gadgets. How I fervently covert all the iPads and the MacBooks that I see flashed around by the cool crowd who are probably even now wondering, did she just make a Hobbit reference in this blog post? Yes. Yes I did. Anyway, über cool […]

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August: four sexist brand #fails

Nike Gold Digging t-shirt

There must have been something in the water this August. Brands near and far were tripping over themselves be accused of sexism. Maybe some witnessed the brief national and social media anger that erupted over the Madhouse trousers back in March. I can just imagine someone chewing on the end of their cigar, thinking “I’ll […]

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July in reputation #fail: Thou shalt not insult thy customer


July was a monumental month of failure, with brands tripping over themselves to dis-please. Over in the UK we had the pleasure of Barclays, and its Facebook campaign featuring hapless Dan clashing mightily with its rate adjustment scandal. Then there’s fashion site Celeb Boutique not checking hashtags before tweeting, and therefore thinking that when #Aurora […]

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June: month of the FrooFroo

Fake Shell

Clearly, I’ve missed out on some big language revolution here. Do grown women really use words like FrooFroo, noonoo and lala when talking about their genitalia? Femfresh seems to think so. Now, personally, I don’t find the brand’s choice of language offensive, I just think it’s a bit stupid. I did, however, find some of […]

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April #Fail: Disaster exploitation

KFC Thailand Facebook Page

You would think that common sense and decency would kick in here and that no brand would even dream of using a national disaster or traumatic event of any kind to promote its product – especially if said product was completely useless when it comes to responding to the problem at hand. However, you would […]

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